Ethel and Gerald

Ethel Gerald Haythornthwaite 1955

Ethel and Gerald Haythornthwaite were the founders of our charity.

They saved areas such as Edale, Mam Tor, Blacka Moor and the Longshaw Estate. They were pivotal in establishing the Peak District as Britain's first national park in 1951. They prevented a racing circuit near Dovedale and stopped a motorway through Longdendale. They strived to ensure responsible quarrying, where the balance of economic need and landscape protection is matched.

Following their deaths, the financial legacy they left this charity allowed this vitally important work to continue.

Continuing the work...

Almost 20 years on from Gerald's death, this legacy is running out. Sadly, the need to continue the work they cared so passionately about is as real as ever.

We are experiencing the biggest shake-up of the planning system since 1947. We are facing the impact of an unstable world economy, which affects not just our charity's income, but those of the communities whose livelihoods are integral to a thriving countryside. We are becoming more aware of the effect that climate change is having on our landscapes and wildlife.

Our work is vital, but sadly, it is not cheap. To continue it in the future we need more support from people who are passionate about the Peak District, to help the charity generate the income to maintain this work.